Benefits of Becoming a Certified Public Speaker

  • Hedge-Fund-Man-Women1-300x198Leverage public speaking to grow your career, business, or sales pipeline.  By knowing how to use a variety of forms of public speaking to position yourself as an authority in your field, and to land speaking engagements with ease you will have a competitive advantage over your competitors.
  • Advance your public speaking by raising your level of public speaking knowledge and increasing your ability to deliver a superior speech with less preparation time.
  • Lifetime access to tools and multimedia training resources found online within the Certified Public Speaker program

Add The Certified Public Speaker program to Your Resume Immediately: As soon as you register you can list on your resume that you are a candidate within the Certified Public Speaker program. Once you graduate, you can add the Certified Public Speaker designation after your name, and you can add the following lines to your resume under your Education or Academics section:

  • Mastered public speaking fundamentals and completed training on how to use public speaking to help position and build a business by attracting new potential clients and business partners.  
  • Obtained a 80% on the two-hour comprehensive examination on public speaking, which included 80 multiple choice questions and two essay questions.

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