Who Can Earn the Certified Public Speaker Designation?

The Certified Public Speaker program was made to be practical, and because it is self-directed, it was made to be very convenient as well.   To date, we have served more than 15,000 international professionals, from global teams of professionals from publicly traded companies to young ambitious individuals.

Participants of the Certified Public Speaker certification program include:

  • Anyone who would like to master the fundamentals of public speaking and learn trade secrets that our team has spent over $1M learning while running 45 of our own conferences and workshops over the past 10 years.
  • Business owners, sales professionals, and consultants looking to use public speaking to build their business or sales pipeline
  • Professional speakers who would like to earn a designation to show their commitment to the profession
  • Marketers who would like to use speaking live at events, on webinars, and via video to build a educational marketing program
  • Paid speakers who would like to learn how to create a business out of public speaking via paid speeches, selling from the stage, charging for webinars, and hosting your own conferences and workshops

This program was built by professional speakers, and this training institute is part of a business which offers 5-15 of our own conferences per year around the world with 25-60 speakers at each event hosted.  We know from experience what it is like to be a public speaker and speak for free, to travel the world with your expenses paid to speak, to get paid speaking fees, and to generate over $300,000 for hosting a single event.

If you are ready to join the Certified Public Speaker program and advance your career, register now. Explore the rest of our website:

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