Public Speaking Strategic Project

Once you have completed this project, please send it and your request to take your desired exam date at least 2 weeks before the scheduled exam date. To schedule yourself for an exam date, this project must be received, completed, at least 2 weeks before the exam date. For example, to take the October 10th exam date, this project must be received (as well as a request to take the exam) no later than September 26th.

Strategic Project Instructions

Public speaking is as much about real world experience as it is learning best practices, in that spirit the required strategic project for this program is to speak in public 10 times. Please document where you spoke and what form of public speaking engagement it was, and please also take notes on what you did right, what you would improve during your next talk and what strategies you implemented to get the speaking engagement or to deliver the content. Each of the 10 write-ups on the 10 speaking engagements should be 150-300 words each, bullet point style is fine as well.

Speaking engagements for the purpose of this project can include podcast interviews, workshop or seminar presentations where at least 10 professionals are present, live webinars, recorded educational videos (maximum 3 of the 10 may be educational videos), and live conference presentations.

Submit Your Project:  Once you have completed this project submit this to our team at for review.

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